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​Our expert Welding, (and related construction), team of professionals, are available for your project. Welding to Code W59, W47.1, B31.3, CWB and ABSA certified.

Our Services

/ B-pressure Welding

/ B 31.3 Code Welding
/ ABSA Quality Manual
/ Safety Program & Manual
/ Hydro-testing
/ Pipefitting
/ Piping Repair & Installation
/ Steam Piping.
/ Level 2 inspector B 31.3
/ Gas line installation

/ Piping fabrication.

/ Structural Welding

/ Cwb certified
/ Equipment repair
/ Drilling rig service
/ Stainless steel welding
/ Restaurant Installations
/ Structural Fabrication
/ Level 2 Inspector W 47/59



We are now making our exclusive, Three Stream Sorting Station, with two sided input, heavy duty steel construction, featuring the easy to empty "Roll out bin".

Learn more>>


B Pressure Welders

ABSA Quality Manual. CWB certified.

Stick, Flux-core, Stainless.

​Our skilled Welders are available for shop or field fabrication and repair.

Call us now on 780-440-3731 for a price estimation


Closure weld on 24 inch pipe, 100% x-ray - IPL

Flange replacement on 2" pipe. - Cenovus

Job test and 12" flanges in confined space. - Enbridge

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